My Aadhaar

My Aadhaar

My Aadhaar

My Aadhaar To explore UIDAIs online services, click the Login button. To login, you must have your mobile number registered with Aadhaar. Users can access services such as downloading Aadhar, finding an enrolment centre, and so on.

  • Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)
  • Utility & Bill Payments

Working Hour

Monday to Saturday (09:00 AM - 06:00 PM)


Government of India Bangla Sahib Rd, Behind Kali Mandir, Gole Market, New Delhi - 110001


My Aadhaar-Authentication History
My AadhaarAuthentication History
Using their Aadhaar number, residents can use this service to verify the history of their Aadhaar authentication.
My Aadhaar-Lock or Unlock Biometrics
My AadhaarLock or Unlock Biometrics
The Citizens biometric data is protected by the Bio Lock/Unlock feature. The usage of biometric data for authentications is prohibited by locked biometrics. Users of this Service are urged to exercise caution in order to avoid denial of Authentication services.
My Aadhaar-Download Aadhaar
My AadhaarDownload Aadhaar
Users can download digital signed and password protected electronics copy of aadhaar.
My Aadhaar-Offline e-KYC
My AadhaarOffline e-KYC
Users can access secure and shareable eKYC document, used for offline identification verification.
My Aadhaar-Generate Virtual ID
My AadhaarGenerate Virtual ID
Virtual ID(VID) can be used in-lieu of the Aadhaar number. Click here to download 16 digits random VID.
My Aadhaar-Payment History
My AadhaarPayment History
Click here to view the payment and refund status.
My Aadhaar-Check Enrolment & Update Status
My AadhaarCheck Enrolment & Update Status
Citizen can use this service to check the status of the Enrolment or update request.
My Aadhaar-Retrieve EID/Aadhaar Number
My AadhaarRetrieve EID/Aadhaar Number
Citizen can use this service to find out Aadhaar number or Enrolment ID(EID).
My Aadhaar-Verify Aadhaar
My AadhaarVerify Aadhaar
Citizen can use this service to check the status of Aadhaar.
My Aadhaar-Verify Email/Mobile
My AadhaarVerify Email/Mobile
Citizen can use this service to verify mobile and email registered with the Aadhaar.
My Aadhaar-Lock/Unlock Aadhaar
My AadhaarLock/Unlock Aadhaar
Your privacy and security have been further enhanced by the development of this service to lock and unlock your Aadhaar Number. Once locked, your Aadhaar number cannot be used for authentication. In that situation, you can complete authentication using your virtual ID. This will prevent the unauthorised use of your Aadhaar Number by someone else. After you unlock it, you can once again authenticate using your Aadhaar Number.
My Aadhaar-Check Aadhaar PVC Card Order Status
My AadhaarCheck Aadhaar PVC Card Order Status
The citizen can use this service to check the status of the ordered PVC card. Aadhaar PVC Card is the Aadhaar details printed on PVC cards.
My Aadhaar-File a Complaint
My AadhaarFile a Complaint
This service allows citizens to file a complaint. Aadhar Letter, Authentication, Update, Enrolment and other related complaints can be made by citizens on behalf of themselves or others.
My Aadhaar-Check Complaint Status
My AadhaarCheck Complaint Status
The citizen can use this service to check the status of the complaint raised.