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NDL India Users can search for and download books, audios, videos etc. in various categories.

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NDL India -About Us
NDL India About Us
The user can get information about various services available in National Digital Library of India app on UMANG
NDL India -FAQs
NDL India FAQs
Users will have the provision to browse the FAQs with regards to NDL India department, channels and any other general information with respect to the department.
NDL India -Profile Registration
NDL India Profile Registration
Users can register for the department. After registration, they can avail the department services.
NDL India -Disclaimer
NDL India Disclaimer
The citizen can view the statements intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations for the department NDL India
NDL India -Terms & Conditions
NDL India Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions contain the privacy policies, which include the legal rights and agreements related to NDL India.
NDL India -Sponsor
NDL India Sponsor
Citizens can view the details of project or activity or the person carrying it out
NDL India -My Files
NDL India My Files
Users can use this service to view and delete the books that they downloaded earlier.
NDL India -Library
NDL India Library
Users can search for and download books, audios, videos etc in various categories.
NDL India -My Profile
NDL India My Profile
Citizens will be able to view their personal information provided at the time of registration and also can update the same.

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Monday to Friday (10:00 AM - 06:00 PM)


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