MP e-Nagar Palika

MP e-Nagar Palika

MP e-Nagar Palika

MP e-Nagar Palika Directorate of Urban Administration and Development Govt.of MP has embarked on an ambitious e-NagarPalika project to develop a centralized web based solution to computerize all cities across the State.

  • Utility & Bill Payments

Working Hour

Monday to Saturday (10:30 AM - 5:30 PM)


Directorate of Urban Administration & Development No 6 Locality, Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462010


MP e-Nagar Palika-status
MP e-Nagar Palikastatus
Citizens can check the status of complaint
MP e-Nagar Palika-Services
MP e-Nagar PalikaServices
Citizens can register for 8 services provided by the department. After registration, citizens can avail these services.
MP e-Nagar Palika-Complaint
MP e-Nagar PalikaComplaint
Citizens can register for the complaints
MP e-Nagar Palika-My Profile
MP e-Nagar PalikaMy Profile
Citizens can view their registered profile on MP e-Nagar palika
MP e-Nagar Palika-Profile Registration
MP e-Nagar PalikaProfile Registration
In order to avail the services provided the MP e-Nagar Palika app, Citizens can register on the app.
MP e-Nagar Palika-My Transactions
MP e-Nagar PalikaMy Transactions
Citizens can check the details of the transactions made by them on MP e-Nagar Palika app.
MP e-Nagar Palika-Payment
MP e-Nagar PalikaPayment
Citizens can request for services using the Services tile. Citizens can make payment for the services only after departments approval.