ICMR-Short Term Studentship

ICMR-Short Term Studentship

ICMR-Short Term Studentship

ICMR-Short Term Studentship The ICMR - Short Term Studentship (STS) Program main objective is to provide opportunity to undergraduate medical students to familiarize with research methodology by being associated with their seniors on ongoing research program. Users can view information related to application submission, report submission, timelines and results of STS program.

  • Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)
  • Education
  • Skills & Employment

Working Hour

Monday- Saturday(06:30 AM to 06:00 PM)


Division of HRD, Indian Council of Medical Research Headquarters, V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029


ICMR-Short Term Studentship-About Us
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipAbout Us
Users can view detailed descriptions about ICMR STS program.
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-STS Timelines
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipSTS Timelines
User can view the STS timeline details provided by ICMR.
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-Application Submission
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipApplication Submission
Users can check the details for Instructions, application Process, Preparation of Proposal, Plagiarism, Declaration of result, Terms & Condition, Downloads
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-Report Submission
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipReport Submission
Users can check the details for Instructions, Preparation of Proposal, Ethical Consideration, Plagiarism, Presentation, Publication, Online Report Submission, Declaration of Report Result, Terms & Condition, Download
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-Result
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipResult
Users can view Application and Report submission Result for each STS year in pdf format.
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-Contact Details
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipContact Details
Users can view the contact details of Scientific, Administrative and Technical Support team.
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-FAQ
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipFAQ
Users can view Frequently ask question about ICMR STS Programe
ICMR-Short Term Studentship-Spotlight
ICMR-Short Term StudentshipSpotlight
Users can view the spotlight details of ICMR STS Programe.