e-District Chandigarh

e-District Chandigarh

e-District Chandigarh

e-District Chandigarh e-District Chandigarh was initiated to bring together the services which are beneficial for the user. Services such as Status of submitted Application, Daily Cause List, and Verify Certificate are offered by the Government of Chandigarh through the e-District app.

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Working Hour

Monday to Friday (09:00 AM - 06:00 PM)


Chandigarh eDistrict and eSampark sector 9-d deluxe building, Administration U.T. Secretariat Chandigarh


e-District Chandigarh-Application Status
e-District ChandigarhApplication Status
e-District Chandigarh is offering service to check status of the submitted application to make it convienentfor a user.
e-District Chandigarh-Verify Certificate
e-District ChandigarhVerify Certificate
e-District Chandigarh app is offering service to verify the certificate, to make it convienent for a user.
e-District Chandigarh-Daily Cause List
e-District ChandigarhDaily Cause List
The Cause Lists are schedule of cases to be heard by the courts on the following day(s). The Cause Lists provide details such as, the Petitioner, Respondent, Respective Advocates, Site, Stage and Last Hearing Date etc.