Delhi Police

Delhi Police

Delhi Police

Delhi Police Delhi Police, an initiative of the Criminal Justice System, prevents & detects crime to maintain law & order in civil society. Users can use UMANG to view details of missing mobiles/vehicles/persons in Delhi.

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Working Hour

Monday to Sunday (00:00 AM - 11:59 PM)


Room No. 912, 9th Floor, Delhi Police Headquarters, M.S.O. Building, I. P. Estate, New Delhi- 110002


Delhi Police-Unclaimed/Seized Vehicle
Delhi PoliceUnclaimed/Seized Vehicle
Unclaimed/seized vehicles are registered with Police under various crime heads. Users can view details of unclaimed/seized vehicle based on Registration Number, Engine Number, and Chassis Number.
Delhi Police-Missing Mobile
Delhi PoliceMissing Mobile
Users can view missing/stolen mobile phone details (such as crime head and location where mobile handset is lost/taken away) based on State and IMEI number.
Delhi Police-Stolen Vehicle
Delhi PoliceStolen Vehicle
Users can view information on stolen vehicles based on their State, Registration Number, Engine Number, Chassis Number, and Vehicle Type.
Delhi Police-Lost Report Registration
Delhi PoliceLost Report Registration
Citizens can submit details of their lost documents/articles using the Lost Report Registration form available in the app to lodge their report related to documents/articles lost in Delhi.
Delhi Police-Traffic Advisory
Delhi PoliceTraffic Advisory
Traffic advisories issued by Delhi Traffic Police for movement related Safety, closed/changed routes and other advisories for smooth commuting in Delhi.
Delhi Police-View Lost Reports & FAQ
Delhi PoliceView Lost Reports & FAQ
Citizens can retrieve their previously registered Lost Reports. They can also can view frequently asked questions related to lost reports.
Delhi Police-Helpline Number
Delhi PoliceHelpline Number
Citizens can view Helpline Numbers like - PCR, Missing Persons, Traffic etc.
Delhi Police-Traffic Alert
Delhi PoliceTraffic Alert
The user can see the Traffic Alerts, issued by Delhi Traffic Police in his/her mobile phone
Delhi Police-Traffic Complaint
Delhi PoliceTraffic Complaint
The user can register complaint regarding Over Charging, Harassment or Refusal by Auto/Taxi driver to Traffic Police through this service on mobile.
Delhi Police-Unidentified Dead Body
Delhi PoliceUnidentified Dead Body
Users can view the details of an unidentified dead bodies found in various states.
Delhi Police-Towed Vehicle
Delhi PoliceTowed Vehicle
Users can come to know the location details of the place where their vehicle is taken by the Traffic Police in case the same is towed away by Delhi Police
Delhi Police-Delhi Police Important Contact
Delhi PoliceDelhi Police Important Contact
The contact details, like Name, Rank, Designation, Mobile No, Landline No, email ID along with a photograph of officers are available for the general public through this service.
Delhi Police-Unidentified Person
Delhi PoliceUnidentified Person
Users can view details of an unidentified person based on the state in which that person is found.
Delhi Police-Missing Person
Delhi PoliceMissing Person
Users can view details of a missing person based on state and physical features.