CRPF CRPF members can check personal information, salary and GPF details, CRPF telephone directory and information related to head unit details. Member may also share feedback or concern with HOO.

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CRPF-Request for Advance (COVID-19)
CRPFRequest for Advance (COVID-19)
To raise advance on an urgent basis due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19
CRPF-Raise Claim - Scheme Certificate (10-C)
CRPFRaise Claim - Scheme Certificate (10-C)
An employee can apply for Scheme Certificate to continue membership of Employees Pension Scheme when leaving service, and add earlier pensionable service with pensionable service in another establishment in future.
CRPF-UAN Allotment
CRPFUAN Allotment
Citizen can avail this service to generate Universal Account Number
CRPF-Jeevan Pramaan
CRPFJeevan Pramaan
Generate the digital life certificate using your mobile phone. You just require a biometric device and generate on your own. Service only for pensioners
CRPF-Know Your Claim Status
CRPFKnow Your Claim Status
Track the status (only the non financial details) of the claims raised against a member ID.
CRPF-View Passbook
CRPFView Passbook
Get the summarized glance of transactions done in your Pension Account of PF for last 3 months and rest can be downloaded as PDF
CRPF-Pensioner Services
CRPFPensioner Services
Pensioner Services allow penisoners to view their pension passbook, seed Aadhaar information and view/update their Jeevan Pramaan by providing the PPO number and date of birth.
CRPF-eKYC services
CRPFeKYC services
CRPF-Get Remittance Details by Establishment ID and Financial Year
CRPFGet Remittance Details by Establishment ID and Financial Year
UMANG users can get the details of the total amount submitted for all the employees in the PF account of the organisation for the particular financial year.
CRPF-View Passbook
CRPFView Passbook
Get the summary of transactions (deposits & withdrawals) per associated establishment done in your PF Account for last 3 months at a glance and rest can be downloaded as PDF.
CRPF-Aadhaar Seeding
CRPFAadhaar Seeding
Pensioners can seed/update Aadhaar for availing the pensioner services after the Aadhaar authentication
CRPF-Download Pension Payment Order : EPS-95
CRPFDownload Pension Payment Order : EPS-95
This scheme is applicable for all the employees of factories and other establishments to which the 1952 Miscellaneous Provisions Act and Employees Provident funds applies. Using this service user can download Pension Payment Order: EPS-95
CRPF-Employee Centric Services
CRPFEmployee Centric Services
Users can authenticate themselves with the department, check their PF passbook, raise full or advance claim and check the status of their claim using this service.Users can authenticate themselves with the department, check their PF passbook, raise full or advance claim and check the status of their claim using this service.
CRPF-Search Establishment
CRPFSearch Establishment
Search by name or by code of the establishment. Also search the establishments of particular district of a state.
CRPF-Raise Claim
CRPFRaise Claim
Raise claim service helps users to raise their claims against the UAN number selected by them. Raise claim services help users to either submit a full claim or a partial claim using the UMANG app.
CRPF-General services
CRPFGeneral services
Users can search PF offices, employers related PF details and status of the claim raised using raise claim service. Users need to login to their account to get information of their EPFO claim.
CRPF-Employer Centric Services
CRPFEmployer Centric Services
Employer Centric Services provide information on the cumulative monthly amount deposited by the establishment for its employees along with the count of the employees.
CRPF-Update Jeevan Pramaan
CRPFUpdate Jeevan Pramaan
Pensioners can update their Jeevan Pramaan ID once in a year to get their pension credited into their account.
CRPF-Get TRRN Status
Check status for any of your Grievance or request made through eMigrate web portal. Track the final status and the actions taken by department.
Users can get details all the PF offices in a State and can navigate to the prefered office using Google maps services
CRPF-Register and Track Grievance
CRPFRegister and Track Grievance
Register your grievance related to EPFO services

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