Citizen Eyecare

Citizen Eyecare

Citizen Eyecare system is developed by Digital India Corporation, PBMA’S H.V Desai Eye Hospital-Pune with the support of MeitY, GoI with an objective to improve health seeking behaviour & empower community in self-assessment, self-referral so as to prevent avoidable blindness.

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Digital India Corporation, 4th Floor, Samruddhi Venture Park, Central MIDC Road #2, Andheri (East), Mumbai


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    Citizen Eyecare-Eye Symptoms

    Eye Symptoms

    Citizen can avail this service to know more about to common eye symptoms and conditions associated with it. These symptoms includes Red eyes, Blurring of vision for distance and near, Headache, Watering of eyes, Sticky discharge/watering, Dryness, Lump on eye, Eye pain, Itching, Light sensitivity, Irritation, Squinting, Dark spots in vision & Feeling of something in the eye

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    Citizen Eyecare-Eye Disease

    Eye Disease

    Citizen can avail this service to know more about common eye diseases so that early identification and proper treatment can be provided. It also provide basic information of eye along with structural details. These diseases includes Cataract, Glaucoma, Corneal blindness, Diabetic retinopathy, Hypertensive retinopathy, Macular degeneration, Childhood blindness, Eye injuries, Refractive errors in children, Refractive errors in Adults, Pterygium, Conjunctivitis, Stye, Squint(crossed eyes), Dacryocystitis, Ptosis & Retinopathy of prematurity

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    Citizen Eyecare-Myths & Misconceptions

    Myths & Misconceptions

    Citizen can avail this service to know more about various myths & misconceptions related to eye care so that citizen will be aware about right information and actual facts.

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    Citizen Eyecare-Symptoms Checker

    Symptoms Checker

    Symptoms checker empower community in self-assessment of their eyes. Citizen can avail this service for early diagnosis of the eye diseases based on the eye symptoms which are faced by the citizen. These diseases includes Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Hypertensive retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Corneal Blindness, Hypermetropia/Myopia/astigmatism (Refractive error), and Presbyopia etc

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    Citizen Eyecare-Support For Treatment

    Support For Treatment

    Citizen can avail this service to get information of the ‘Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana’ Government of Maharashtra for the people who all are having an Orange/Yellow/White Ration Card and Antyodaya & Annapurna Ration card. Citizen can also view list of documents required to avail this scheme for eye treatment

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    Citizen Eyecare-General Eye Care

    General Eye Care

    Eyes are one of the important body parts we all rely on to see beautiful nature around us. Citizen can get detailed information with respect to Hygiene, Nutrition, Exercise, Avoid smoking and excess alcohol consumption, Take some precautionary measures to avoid digital eye strain, Do not rub your eyes very frequently, Wear sunglasses/safety eyewear, First aid in eye injuries, Care of eyes after surgery, Eye drop instillation, Spectacle care & Contact lens care