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Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas Bharat gas consumers can avail various LPG related services like Book cylinder, pay online for certain distributors, see refill history and request double cylinder connection.

  • Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

Working Hour

Monday to Friday (09:00 AM - 06:00 PM)


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.| Bharat Bhawan1, 4 and 6 Currimbuhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001


Bharat Gas-Refill Order
Bharat GasRefill Order
Bharat gas Consumers will be able to raise request for new LPG cylinders and pay fee online for certain distributors.
Bharat Gas-Refill History
Bharat GasRefill History
Bharat gas Consumers will be able to view details of its past LPG booking transactions.
Bharat Gas-DBC Request
Bharat GasDBC Request
Bharat gas Consumers can raise request for double cylinder connection.
Bharat Gas-Register for New LPG Connection
Bharat GasRegister for New LPG Connection
This service provides the access to Citizen to Submit required KYC details to purchase new Bharat Gas(BPCL) LPG connection
Bharat Gas-Track & Pay Online
Bharat GasTrack & Pay Online
Citizen can track the status of KYC submission and can also redirect to payment gateway to pay the new connection price.
Bharat Gas-Upload KYC Doc
Bharat GasUpload KYC Doc
This service help user to upload the KYC doc for new LPG connection and this services also help to upload the rejected doc from dealer end.
Bharat Gas-Request for Opt Out of subsidy
Bharat GasRequest for Opt Out of subsidy
If you can afford it honestly, choose not to take advantage of the LPG subsidy and take pleasure in knowing that you are assisting people who are less fortunate. By using this service, a user can opt not to receive subsidies.
Bharat Gas-Locate Distributor
Bharat GasLocate Distributor
A Bharatgas distributorship is located in a certain region where customers can easily receive convenient service. By using the service, users can find the Distributor in accordance with their preferences.
Bharat Gas-Change Distributor
Bharat GasChange Distributor
Under the portability programme, you can select the distributor of your choice from a group of nearby LPG distributors if you want to transfer to one that is closer to your home or are dissatisfied with the services provided by your current distributor. In some cities around the nation, this programme is in effect.Under the portability policy, there will be no transfer fee or additional security deposit required.
Bharat Gas-Surrender Connection Request
Bharat GasSurrender Connection Request
If for any reason you decide to surrender your LPG connection, you can submit your request using this service and provide your distributor the cylinder or cylinders and pressure regulator.
Bharat Gas-Create Case
Bharat GasCreate Case
Bharat gas have facility for their customers to raise their complaints using Create Case option. Customers can raise complaints related to their Bharat gas connection. Once they have raised complaint, they can track the case history as well. They can raise complaint related to the issue they are facing with BPCL services.
Bharat Gas-View Case History
Bharat GasView Case History
Once user has raised complaint related to the services provided by BPCL, they can track the history of same. They need to enter the registered mobile number.